Benefits of Using Rice Water on Natural Hair

Women from a Chinese village called Huangluo Yao are in the Guinness Book of Records for having the longest hair in the world. One of the secrets to attaining this length (almost two meters!) is regularly using rice water on their hair.

Rice contains 70 to 80 percent starch. Rice water is the whitish liquid that remains after soaking or cooking rice. Fermented rice water has many benefits for our mane because it’s rich in nutrients such as vitamins E and C, niacin, riboflavin, magnesium, iron, and thiamine.

Benefits of Using Rice Water on Natural Hair - Rice water

All you need to do is to thoroughly wash some rice (probably one cup) and then soak it in about two cups of water for 24 hours. However, some people soak it for a longer period. You can use any type of rice. The fermented rice water produces a not-so-pleasant smell. So, to avoid this, you can add a few drops of peppermint oil to the rice water.

Orange or lemon peels can also help to get rid of the strong smell. You can then go ahead and use the fermented rice water as a rinse during your wash day routine.

Why You Should Use Rice Water on Your Natural Hair

Below are some of the benefits of using rice water on your natural hair:

It grows your hair

Rice water helps you to grow your hair long without resorting to products with harsh chemicals. It contains amino acids and vitamin E that protect the scalp by keeping it moisturized. The nutrients also help to prevent split ends from occurring. Therefore, with the problem of a dry scalp and split ends taken away, your natural hair becomes stronger and healthier. This also enables it to grow quite long.

Rice water also increases the vitality of your natural hair, making it stronger and longer. Growing natural hair has always been a challenge for most people, but it is great to realize that rice water is a readily available solution for the length chasers.

Repairs damaged hair

Rice water contains inositol, which is a carbohydrate-based component. When you rinse your hair with rice water, inositol sticks to your hair, therefore, acting as a defense mechanism from things that can damage your hair. It also increases hair volume, giving your hair some bounce, shine, and smoothness. In fact, some people say it helps detangle the hair faster.

Also, inositol remains on the hair even after you rinse your hair.

Rice water is a good addition to your hair maintenance routine especially if you have high porosity hair. Their mane has holes in the hair shaft and the hair cuticle is highly raised. Therefore, the hair absorbs and loses moisture easily. Although it is sometimes genetic, most high porosity hair is a result of heat or chemical damage.

Fermented rice water, which has protein, can be very beneficial to this type of hair. It’s also important to use creams for high porosity hair to ensure moisture is sealed. This keeps the hair well hydrated.

3. Gets rid of dandruff and flakes

Stress, disease and too many hair products can cause your scalp to dry out and even become flaky. You can fight Malassezia – the fungi that cause dandruff – using rice water. Using rice water regularly will eliminate dandruff and the flakes from your scalp. Not only will rice water get rid of dandruff, but it will also create a protective layer on your scalp to prevent it from reoccurring.

It’s also important to mention that if you have a serious case of long-term dandruff and flakes, it may be a sign that something else is going on internally. And you may want to seek medical advice on the same.


There have been a lot of stories about rice water being used as a natural alternative for smooth, supple and baby soft skin. In fact, people use rice water as facial cleansers to remove their makeup or to just wash their faces before going to bed. We’ve seen that it’s also beneficial for natural hair. Its nutrients are good for hair strands – helping to grow, strengthen and keep your mane healthy.

With such amazing natural options available, therefore, you don’t need to break the bank to become a real-life Rapunzel!

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