How is Competitive Cheerleading with Cheer Shoes?

Cheerleading is an engaging physical activity where cheerleaders (the participants) cheer their teams to entertain and motivate them.

However, there is a newer sport – competitive cheerleading, which is a relatively new sport with championships such as the all-star cheerleaders.

How is Competitive Cheerleading with Cheer Shoes

In this post, I describe competitive cheerleading and how cheer shoes will help you. Competitive cheerleading involves various cheer squads competing for various prizes and awards. They are mainly judged on their stunting (pyramids) and tumbling (or gymnastics) skills.

Competitive Cheerleading with Cheer Shoes

Competitive Cheerleading Training

Just like any competitive sport, competitive cheerleading is equally challenging will require extensive training. For instance, some middle and high school cheerleading require squads to train 4-7 days a week.

Some of these days are spared for stunts and tumbling while the rest are scheduled for strength-training. However, this training schedule will be different in each school.

On cheer shoes, your gang will wear the best cheer shoes with awesome feet cushioning both for the training and competitions. Such footwear must offer you the necessary support and sturdiness to top comfort and safety.

Good cheer will assist you to get the correct amount of psyche and confidence while in competitive cheerleading. You can also say goodbye to heel pain, due to the great arch support, while you’re training or competing. Some considerations to make are that these cheer shows must not be clunky and heavy as to affect your performance.

Allowable Age

Depending on the ages, experience, or levels, competitive cheerleading has 4 keys groups. These mainly divide into a senior cheer, junior cheer, and mini cheer, and tiny cheer.

The Tiny Cheer, which is the group with the smallest age group, will have members who are 5 years and below. However, each squad (considering ages and experience) will have anywhere from 5 – 24/ 36 members.


Each squad is given typically 2.5 minutes to do their tumbles, jumps, and stunts, and dance with music playing. These performances are observed and judged by the selected cheerleading experts considering the squad’s skill.

However, since 2013, competitive cheerleading is no longer viewed as an official sport. The condition is that competitive cheerleading must first be acknowledged and approved by the NCAA.

However, the effort has been made towards that end and it has been great. For example, some colleges have started providing scholarships to the squads.

Cheerleading Competitions

The all-star cheerleading has 6 levels with level 1 being the beginner while level 6 is the advanced level. For each level, there exist some allowable skills that the squad must maintain to hit maximum points with the judges.

However, in this championship, the squads are composed mainly for the sake of competitions and not simply for a specific team or college. They follow the rules, regulations and safety procedures laid down by the U.S. All Star Federation.


Finally, we’ve outlined the system and procedures involved in competitive cheerleading and given the all-star cheerleading as an example in the class. Competitive cheerleading is not classified as an official sport, yet, but it’s a new entrant allowing healthy competitions between cheer squads.