How to Apply Advantage II Cat Flea Treatment

How to Apply Advantage II Cat Flea Treatment

For most cat owners, flea control is a regular and scary process they have to undertake.

Fleas put the health of your cat at risk and promote spreading skin infections, in addition to causing it to have continuous itching.

However, you must maintain top safety for yourself and your pet when applying your best flea treatment for cats.

So, let’s get started!

How to Apply Advantage II Cat Flea Treatment – Step by Step

But first, what’s this Advantage II? Well, by definition, Advantage II is a monthly topical flea control product that’s designed for kittens (>=8 years) and adult cats.

Advantage II contains 2 key active ingredients; (1) Imidacloprid (damages the fleas’ nervous system of existing fleas). The other ingredient is (2) Pyriproxyfen (kills flea eggs, larvae and adults – being an insect growth regulator).

Step 1: Cut Open the Protective Packaging

Check the products weight range as outlined on the label instructions to determine whether you’ll use the 4 or 6 packs.

Now, cut open that protect packing over the Advantage II flea treatment and get out the tube. Next, hold the Advantage II tube in the upright position but, for safety, let it be away from the face of any humans including yourself.

To satisfy the guidelines by Companion Animal Parasite Council, we recommend an-all-year-round flea control schedule. This will keep your cat comfortable and healthy.

Step 2: Open the Advantage II Safely

Next, now open the Advantage II tube by first pulling its cap, turn it around and finally puncturing the tube.

Advantage II will thus treat existing fleas on the cat while also preventing the incidence of another infestation. Further, the treatment will prevent the occurrence of skin conditions such as flea allergy dermatitis.

Step 3: Apply Advantage II on Cat’s Coat

Finally, now slowly part that hair that’s at the base of your cat’s skull until you can clearly see the pet’s skin. Next, squeeze the Advantage II tube to apply the flea treatment on the skin at one spot at the base of the cat’s skull.

Doing this will ensure that there are no excess Advantage II chemicals that the cat would lick or get it into its eyes.

Next, make sure that you empty the whole tube containing the Advantage II by applying appropriate pressure while lifting it away.

Don’t apply Advantage II carelessness on your cat’s hair as this would not give you the good results.

Step 4: Precaution – Consult You Veterinary

Well, ensure that you consult your veterinary if your cat has other unique needs that would affect the flea control process or the pet’s health.

For example, talk to the veterinary if you’ll be flea treating nursing, pregnant, sick, aged, or debilitated cat.

Further, don’t use the Advantage II for cats to flea treat other pets or animals including cats. This could lead to dangerous poisonous and fatal occurrences.


Advantage II for cats is a great pesticide if used correctly and safely – as I’ve described above. Remember to follow all the product label instructions and don’t use this treatment on dogs or other animals besides cats.

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