How to Buy the Best Rocking Chair in 2022

How to Buy the Best Rocking Chair

Rocking chairs have come a long way. They are no longer just a romantic statement for the bedroom but also an incredible resting platform in the outdoors.

Speaking of the outdoors; there is no better place to use a rocking chair than the beach. Interestingly, there are rocking chairs meant for beach camping.

So, you don’t have to carry your exquisite, bulky home rocking chair to the beach camp. You need to invest in a beach camping rocking chair, and I’m here to help you with that.

But before we can look at an elaborate buyer’s guide for rocking chairs, let’s first understand what a rocking chair is and why you need it.

What’s a Rocking Chair?

A rocking chair (rocker) is a special type of chair that swings back and forth smoothly and safely. This chair also has soothing and massaging effects.

Though it’s often associated with the indoors, it’s a handy option for the outdoors, especially on beach camps.

Why Should You Buy a Rocking Chair?

We’ve mentioned the soothing and massaging effects of a rocking chair. So, if you want to relax on the beach and get rid of stress and exhaustion, going for a rocking chair may be a good thing.

Over the years, rocking chairs have proven effective in helping patients and office workers relax. They are also associated with lowering high blood pressure and many other cardiovascular risks.

It’s also argued that these swing chairs work on the muscles and body to help you keep fitter. Through the rocking motion, your body becomes well-toned as your physique improves.

The Buyer’s Guide

Here are the basics of buying the best camping rocking chair:

Quality Material

You require a good-quality chair to guarantee the longevity of usage. So, how do you shop for quality material for your rocker?

You have to consider materials that are not just durable but also weather-defiant (especially against water damage and fading). That brings us to the following options:

  • Hardwoods like teak and oak – They are resilient, durable, weather-resistant, and inexpensive.
  • High-density polyethylene (HDPE) – It is highly durable, sturdy, easy to maintain, weather-resistant, and recyclable.
  • Molded plastic – It’s durable, weather-resistant, easy to maintain, and inexpensive.

Chair Comfort

Given that you’ll be resting on a rocker for longer, it must be comfortable. You can verify that by checking if the chair is well-padded. From the backrest to the armrest to the seat, there should be enough cushioning.

It’s essential, however, to note that a majority of rocking chairs come ‘naked,’ meaning without padding. Such options allow you to throw some pillows on to add some padding.

So, don’t disqualify them, provided they meet the other considerations. In fact, most traditional styled rocking chairs come naked, and it only takes a few cushions to give them a contemporary touch.

It’s also here that I recommend rocking chairs with wider seats as they are more comfortable.

Ease of Cleanness

Having spent $50-$100 or even more on a rocking chair, you want it to serve you longer. Primarily, that depends on the care you allocate it.

For starters, you need to clean it regularly after use. While this requires discipline, you can enjoy it if you choose a rocking chair with an easy-to-wipe surface. Preferably, go for an option like leather or polyester that resists stain.

Alternatively, consider a camping rocking chair with washable, removable covering. You can always clean it when you do your laundry.

As for the frame, go for treated wood or metal as they are easy to clean.

Safety of Usage

Most likely, kids will want to jump into the rocking chair once you bring it home. So, instead of always being on the lookout to forbid them from doing so, buy a child-safe design.

It starts by picking a chair with an easy-to-clean and allergen-free seat not to irritate the little one’s delicate skin. Its frame should be stable so that that the child does not tumble when he or she jumps on it.

Also, the rocker should be reclining to make it easily accessible by kids.

Easy Assembly

In most cases, rocking chairs are fully assembled and ready to use. But still, others require assembling before usage.

So, what should you do?

Since you want to use the char in the outdoors as quickly as possible, it shouldn’t take much time or effort to set it up. So, ensure it comes with straightforward setup instructions.

The setup guide should preferably have diagrams or pictures explain each step of assembly.

One way to know if a rocking chair is easy to assemble or not is to read the reviews. They are posted by buyers like you to help you have an idea of what you are buying.

Smooth Rocking Motion

Rocking chairs got their name from their smooth back and forth movements. However, not every rocking chair on the market can brag of this.

So, you can’t just assume that you’ll enjoy smooth motion just because you got a rocking chair.

Some even produce a quick sound, which can be annoying. Others don’t rock at all because they are small in structure. So, going for a large size (37-45 by 26-30 by 32-37 inches) is recommended.

If your chair is the glider rocker, then you’ll have to lubricate it properly to boost its smooth motion.

You should note that even the best rocking chair may fail to produce smooth motions if used on uneven ground. So, ensure you place it on a flat surface to swing effortlessly.


Rocking chairs come with add-ons that only make their usage more comfortable and exciting. They include:

  • Footrest for supporting your tired legs as you rock on the chair
  • Cushions/pillows to add a modern touch to your rocking chair and give it optimal comfort
  • Side table for placing your book, phone, and other small essentials
  • Canopy to shelter you against ultraviolet rays

Other Considerations

  • The load capacity of the chair should be greater than your body weight
  • The rocking chair should be portable to allow convenient carrying
  • The price should be affordable
  • The color should be trendy – You can go for earthly colors like green, brown, and gray or vibrant options like red and yellow. You can also go for a modern color like plain white or black


Above is an informative buyer’s guide that you’ll find useful in shopping for your camping rocking chair. So, use it to narrow your options. Hopefully, it shall help you invest wisely in the most practical, comfortable, and convenient rocking chair.

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