The Most Common Types of Shower Heads

The most common types of shower heads

What type of shower head is the best for you? There are several types that you should consider before making that purchase decision.

Shower heads range from the traditional single spray model to more sophisticated luxury rainfall options.  The type you choose will depend not only on your preference and budget but also on the size of your bathroom and water pressure.

In this article, we shall look at some of the most common types of shower heads and what makes them different.

5 Types of Shower Heads

The most common types of shower heads include ceiling mount, handheld, shower panels, rain shower heads, and LED shower heads. Let’s look at them in detail.

1. Ceiling mount shower heads

Ceiling mount shower heads are more common in hotels where bathrooms are more spacious. There is also a need for a luxurious finish to attract visitors.

They are simply mounted onto the ceiling such that the water is dispersed equally over a wide surface in the shower.

If you have a large space in your bathroom, you can go for this type of shower head. However, ensure that the water pressure is high enough otherwise it will not work if the pressure is low.

2. Handheld shower heads

Unlike the wall mount shower heads, handheld showerheads are more flexible. You can choose to have it fixed in one place or hold it to rinse off specific parts of the body or when washing your kids or pets.

Handheld showerheads come in a package comprising of the showerhead, hose, holder, and other installation accessories.

Besides, they are made of either plastic, metal, or a combination of the two. If you want a more durable and long-lasting one, go for an all metal handheld shower head.

This is because unlike plastic, metal is not prone to mineral build-up and can withstand high water pressure. Also, stainless steel is corrosion resistant so you can rest assured that the shower head will serve for you for a longer period.

3. Shower panels

Shower panels are quite versatile in that they offer multiple inputs so they are a great alternative to the traditional showerheads.

They come in a package that consists of an overhead rainfall shower, body massage nozzles, multi-functional hand-held showerhead, and a tub spout.

4. Rain shower heads

Rain shower heads consist of a large shower head that is mounted into the bathroom ceiling and fitted with a tap on the wall.

They spray a lot of water that jets at high pressure. So, you get that ‘under the rain’ showering experience and relaxing sensation.

5. LED shower heads

LED shower heads have become a trending bathroom accessory in the recent past. The LED lights provide a sensational experience during a shower.

Most lights are powered by the water running and often and often change color depending on the water temperature. However, some may require batteries to power them on.


Getting the best type of shower head is not easy. Apart from the 5 major types we have talked about in this article, there are several others that you may want to look into such as massaging or the flow rate shower heads.

All you have to do is choose wisely depending on how much you want to spend and the shower experience that you desire.

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